Brand Mythinglogic
Product Type
Materials Metal
Finish Powder Coated
Dimensions 40.4x 15.7x 34.3 inch
Level of Assembly
Adult Assembly Required
Installation Required
Tools Needed
No Tools Required
Warranty Length
 1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty


Weights & Dimensions

Main Rack: M529A
40.4x 15.7x 34.3 inch
Extra Golf Bag Rack: M529C
14.3x 15.7x 34.3 inch
Extra top Organizer: M529B
35.1x 9.84x 33.8 inch
Overall Product Weight
42.22 lb.
Weight Capacity
280 lb.

Keep all of your golf equipment organized on the Jef World of Golf sturdy metal double golf bag organizer. Includes straps to secure your bags, 2 wire drawers and shelf space for your shoes.

What's Included?
Options1: $99.99 Main Rack + Hook(s)

Options2: $174.99 Main Rack + Extra Golf Bag Rack + Hook(s)

Options3: $164.99 Main Rack + Extra Top Organizer + Hook(s)

Options4: $234.99 Main Rack + Extra Golf Bag Rack + Extra Top Organizer +                       Hook(s)

Extra large design: This golf storage organizer fit 2 standard golf bag or 1 large size. With 3 extra medium shelves, 1 closed in net shelf and 4 removable hooks. Organize and store all your golfing equipment in one spot.

Adjustable feet: The golf bag rack feet are adjustable for leveling so you can be sure it will stand straight in the garage, basement, home, field, or whatever surface it's on.

Soft edge design: The garage storage stand is designed with a soft edge to protect your golf bag from scratches. And the bottom of the dual golf bag storage stand is the hole board, which is more sturdy and durable than the net rack.

We promise to deliver the best product by only using the highest quality material and the most modern design possible. If you have any quality problems, please let us know, our brilliant team will surely offer the best solution.

Part Number

Main Stand/Rack: M529A

Extra Golf Bag Rack: M529C

Extra On-top Organizer: M529B