Tips For Garden Planting

Everyone only needs to decorate a few pots of flowers and plants in their own living environment, and the body and mind will come alive. In fact, it is not difficult to take good care of indoor plants. In addition to mastering some basic essentials, there are just a few handy tools. A small toolbox is your partner in indoor gardening, allowing you to have more confidence in communicating your emotions with the flowers and plants. Pick the Right Plants For novices, it is more appropriate to practice directly with the finished product, and Epipremnum Aureum / bracketplant is the best. Don’t think about buying some seeds and planting them yourself. The moment when the seeds break through the soil is indeed exciting, but the reality is not the case. The seeds of flowers are more delicate, and the humidity of the soil and the temperature of the air must be strictly controlled. Choose the Right Gardening Tools As the saying goes, “Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well.”

1. Shovel: Small and light, easy to control, can be used for transplanting, soil cultivation, soil loosening, weeding and other tasks. For planting with flower troughs or flower pots, flower shovel can replace large tools such as hoe, rake, shovel, etc. It has a wide range of uses and is a tool that must be purchased. But be careful, because the tool is small and the connection between the handle and the shovel body is most likely to break, so use it carefully.

2. Pruning Shears: It can be used for pruning, and it is also suitable for harvesting melons and beans. Also because of its light weight, it is easy to lose, and the spring in the middle is also very easy to lose. Be cautious when buying, convenient and practical.

3. Light Hand Sprayer / Watering Can: Mainly used for spraying water and natural pesticides. The water can be sprayed out in a mist, making it easier to evenly sprinkle on the plants. Its effectiveness depends on whether the sprayed water points are small and uniform. Most of the nozzles of the portable sprayer are slightly curved, which is convenient for spraying the medicine to the bottom of the leaf. Please remember to clean it after use to avoid clogging the water outlet with impurities. Although the spray bottle is not as accurate as a sprayer, it is a cheap and good choice.

4. Garden Tools Organizer: Organizers and Storage can be used in garage ,basement or shed to hold all kind of Garden Tools,Shovels,Rakes farm tools, lawn tool, and also wash applicances like mops,Brooms.

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