How to choose your Yoga supplies

  1. Yoga Mat

The yoga mat has a soft and elastic touch. Its anti-skid effect makes you feel safe and strong when standing and sitting cross-legged. It is non-toxic, tasteless, antibacterial, non-slip, elastic and tear-resistant. Spread the yoga mat flat on the ground to do yoga to prevent bruising of the spine, ankles, wrist bones, knee joints and other parts. Performing yoga exercises on it can protect the body.

So in terms of purchasing skills: the length of the yoga mat should not be shorter than the height, and the width should not be as wide as the shoulder width. For Yoga newer, yoga mats with a thickness of 6-8mm are relatively moderate choices, and those with a certain foundation can also choose longer and thicker ones. Yoga mats larger than 10mm are recommended for professional yoga masters, because yoga mats that are too thick and too soft are not beneficial to the balance of yoga poses! 6-8mm is to ensure that the knee joint is not injured and can maintain a greater balance!


  1. Yoga bricks

Yoga bricks can be said to be the most useful yoga aid for beginners. It can help savers adjust the posture of yoga, assist the body to complete a series of movements, improve the flexibility of the body, and can effectively avoid the tension caused by the stiffness of the body during the initial yoga practice, and avoid injury due to yoga practice . The current yoga bricks are mainly made of natural cork and EVA. EVA is made of foamed plastic. It is lighter in weight, has poor slip resistance, and is easy to slip. If you are a beginner, it is not recommended to use it. Although its price is relatively low, for your own safety, forget it. Yoga bricks made of natural cork have a high load-bearing capacity and a super hand feel. They can provide good support for our body during our practice. Beginners are recommended to choose natural cork.

  1. Elastic band Elastic band

It is generally used to exercise our body's muscle strength, stabilize our posture and control the stretching distance. Beginners can't do a lot of exercises when they first come into contact with yoga. At this time, they can use the elasticity to bring the feeling of finding the correct posture and develop a good yoga habit.

  1. Yoga towel

This is an auxiliary device that can be laid on the yoga mat. Yoga training on the auxiliary towel can reduce the contact with the yoga mat. After the yoga mat has been used for a long time, there will be dust, bacteria and dust mites on the surface. You don't have to worry about this problem after you put on the auxiliary towel, especially when practicing facial yoga, be sure not to be intimate with the yoga mat touch! It is best to put on auxiliary towels. The yoga towel is made of ultra-fine fibers. It not only has the effect of absorbing water and quick drying, but also can quickly wick away perspiration during use. At the same time, there are non-slip particles on the back, which can prevent everyone from getting on the mat. Loss of balance when practicing movements can also assist beginners in practicing some stretching movements. Moreover, the yoga auxiliary towel has the advantages of light weight and multipurpose, it is very convenient to carry out, and it can be used at any time in any occasion.

  1. Yoga pillow

Yoga pillows are designed to effectively assist beginners in adjusting yoga postures. It can provide yoga practitioners with a very stable and safe support, especially when doing spine extension exercises.

  1. Yoga mat storage racks

This workout storage organizer can help to store your yoga mat, dumbbells, kettle-bells, yoga brick, resistance band,roller wheel, foam roller etc.. Perfect for fan of yoga.


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