6 Genius Garden Tool Organization Ideas

Some people garden to grow fresh fruits and veggies to use throughout the year. Some want to have the prettiest rose bushes on the block. No matter your reason for gardening, if you’ve been at it for some time, you’ve likely amassed quite the collection of garden tools. Are they in a mess in your shed? Taking up valuable space in your garage? Get them in order with these genius garden tool organization ideas for everyone from the amateur to the experienced gardener. You’ll also want to check out our garden diys and our can’t-miss garden hacks!

1.Garden Tool Organization Ideas to Organize Your Shed
Hang a bike basket to hold gardening gloves, twine, and other gardening essentials.

2.Wrap your garden hose around a bucket hung on the wall. Put garden hose attachments inside the bucket. Genius!

3.Turn a pallet into a garden tool organization center. This tutorial also shows you how to install a little compartment at the top for gloves and anything else that needs to be kept dry.

4.Create a garden carry-all to take with you wherever you go in the garden. This is a vintage milk carrier, but you can use a shower caddie to do the same thing.

5.Choose one wall in your garage to organize all those tools with long handles. This homeowner used PVC pipe to get the job done. You’ll never trip over the rake again!

6.Alternatively, here’s a wooden garden tool rack for the large tools. It’s cheap and simple and also keeps all the tools off the floor.

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