how to choose the lamp

2020 ceiling lamp recommendation, how to choose the lamp? The latest ceiling lamp purchase strategy.

2020 ceiling lamp recommendation, how to choose the lamp?  The latest ceiling lamp purchase strategy.

What is a ceiling light?

Ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp whose bottom can fit the roof completely when installed. Its top is relatively flat, and it looks like it is sucked on the roof when it is far away, so it is called ceiling lamp.

According to the appearance, the ceiling lamp can be divided into square shade ceiling lamp, ball ceiling lamp, pointed oblate ceiling lamp, small rectangular shade ceiling lamp and so on. Led ceiling lights, like common chandelier, are the main indoor lighting equipment.

They can be easily integrated into all kinds of homes, and the ceiling lamps are slightly thinner than other lamps, so they do not take up space and increase the space comfort of the home.

Different houses are suitable for ceiling lamp types.

If it is a small space such as a kitchen, bathroom, etc., I suggest choosing an integrated ceiling lamp, which does not need to be large in appearance, as long as the light source is sufficient.

If it is a bedroom, a medium-sized ceiling lamp is recommended. Many ceiling lamps used in bedrooms have their own warm yellow light effect. Such ceiling lamps look warmer and fill the room with a warm atmosphere.

If it is a living room, I suggest choosing the power 36w and above. When choosing the ceiling lamp in the living room, we must combine the surrounding environment and try to choose the same style, so as not to look out of harmony.

Ceiling lamp cleaning method.

When disassembling the lampshade of the ceiling lamp, be sure to turn off the power, and never directly touch the lamp holder with a wet cloth, otherwise there may be a risk of electric leakage.

The shade of the ceiling lamp is divided into many kinds of materials. If it is a cloth lampshade, it is recommended to use a small vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the surface before cleaning.

If the lampshade contains paper parts, do not use any detergent products to avoid damage to the lampshade, just wipe it with a napkin.

If the lampshade is frosted glass, you can take out toothpaste to clean it.

Finally, the lamp must be wiped clean and never leave a little water. Because the ceiling lamp in the kitchen is often exposed to oil fume, it is necessary to clean it regularly in order to prolong its service life.