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The house is designed like this, and the garage is saved

The house is designed like this, and the garage is saved
You may have seen countless kinds of villa designs, but how about designing around a car?
House 33 officially landed near a village in France
The house is located on a lawn and has a simple and unique architectural shape
The house presents a long and narrow shape with a metal structure, wooden interior panels and large glass floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior adopts an open layout.
It can be seen that the wood is mainly used as the main veneer in the interior, and the color matching with strong contrast makes the indoor space more dynamic.
Different from the construction of traditional villas, the construction process of this house is very fast, because only some simple prefabricated parts are needed.
The frame of the whole house is basically finished, it looks like an iron box
The garage and parking countertops of the house are cylindrical ▼
The second floor is also an iron prefab with a circular hollow panel, which is directly assembled and assembled ▼
The facade uses a golden metal surface as the surface ▼
Indoors, sticks of wood directly on the ceiling are that ▼
The thin wood presents a simple beauty ▼
The whole house is 21 meters long and has a rectangular structure. The highest place is 7 meters high, and the whole house is only 120 square meters.
The living room of the house looks like a sunken round small "square" with a more unique color scheme, which is more modern ▼
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