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Apartment Decoration Design-GO FAR

Apartment Decoration Design-GO FAR

Occupation: Architect (retired)

Spirit: cozy, free

Life: half travel, half home

In the decades of working in the construction industry, the homeowner has maintained a rational and restrained pace of life. After retiring, she loved to travel and worked with her lover to measure the world with her footsteps to find her inner yearning. Based on their lifestyle, we determined the keynote of this case: open, bright and at the same time intellectual and feminine, with a sense of exquisiteness in the subtle details. I hope that their future life will not be burdened by daily cumbersome and trivial matters, and that everything they can see is scenery. Time flies, and the years are quiet, making home a real heart.

We learned about the homeowners’ previous lifestyles and hobbies through home visits for nearly half a month, and extended them around their unique half-travel half-home state, and refined the keywords "openness" and "ceremonial sense." The space used by only two people does not need to be fragmented and partitioned, so we “open” the space to make the public area used by occasional visitors transparent and more interactive. At the same time, guest rooms are reserved on the first floor for emergencies. The private space that does not want to be disturbed is set on the second floor for more privacy. The whole house is interspersed with solid wood, marble, metal, and glass, combined with low-key and restrained blue, white, and gray as the main colors of the space, quiet and elegant, creating a high-level and elegant space atmosphere.