How much water should we drink every day?

How much water should we drink every day?

The amount of water people drink is probably not enough. In childhood, parents always remain them to drink 8 cups of water everyday. People don’t even know what dehydration is, unless they feel tried, headache, or dry. There are many benefits when people keep their body hydrated, such as helping with digestion, beautifying the skin, and even activating metabolism.

Liz Josefsberg, a famous Weight Loss coach and the author of Target 100, brings forward an 8*8 rule, which is 8 cups(8oz per cup) of water before 8pm everyday. She says that although this rule has became an experience rule, the amount had already increased. Amy Li, a Medical Doctor, chief dietitian of Nucific, and chief full-time doctor in a prestigious weight loss center in southern California, also agrees with the current recommended water consumption. Josephberg suggests that people should drink more than the current amount.

In recent, the centers of disease Control and Prevention suggests that woman should drink 2500ml water everyday. But in Josephberg’s words, the amount should be larger. She points that the number of this amount is easy to remember, which can give people enough water, but most people cannot finish that. At the same time, she explains that if someone was supposed to drink 1800ml water per day, they could only drink about 1400ml actually. So raising the standard can bring people closer to the recommended amount.

“Insufficient water will cause large problem to people’s vitals, expend energy, reduce attention, and make people impatience”. Josephberg points out that the above manifestations may be mistaken for hunger. People who have insufficient water will most likely to eat instead of drinking water. She says that once people drink enough water, they will understand the real hungry signals step by step.


Josephberg learns through the customer that if people regard drinking water as important thing, they can loss weight.


Doctor Li also says that different people should drink different amount of water during their exercise. In daily life, people may lose 3-4L water due to sweating, urination, and exhalation. One more amazing true is that people lose 1-2L water during breathing. Doctor Li suggests that people should drink more water if they want to loss weight.

Josephberg says “People can regard drinking water as an habit.” She advises on setting some way to make that habit, such as setting an alarm.


On the other hand, Doctor Li and Josephberg both think it’s possible for people to drink too much of water. Doctor Li says “drinking water until the concentration of sodium in the blood changes, which is considered to be drinking too much. People’s bodies have a clever mechanism to regulate it.”


Although there is a limit, but people cannot drink less water because of that. According to this super rare phenomenon, Josephberg says that it’s really difficult for people to drink too much water.


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