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Lighting matching strategy-How to choose a suitable lamp?

Lighting matching strategy-How to choose a suitable lamp?

Someone said

The spotlight in the living room makes the dark home at night return to the warmth
The chandelier in the restaurant makes the table full of dishes full of appetite
The ceiling light in the hallway makes family members who return late not afraid of the darkness
The lamp is the angel of the night
But how to choose a suitable lamp?

The lighting is consistent with the overall environment.
As one of the important elements of the living room environment, color is also indispensable for the matching of lighting. When the color of the light is consistent with the general tone of the environment, the overall environment of the room is relatively harmonious.

Each color will give people a different psychological feeling. As we all know, purple and gold are noble in combination, blue represents blurry and empty, red represents passion and danger, green represents life and so on.
-The home space uses white, gray, black, metallic and other monochrome lamps to create a simple and simple style.
-The museum also try to use black and other monochrome lamps as the main color, so as not to destroy the overall sense of dignity.
-Children's rooms need colored lamps to set off, highlight the liveliness of the space, and cater to the innocence of children.

The lamps are consistent with the home style.
The style positioning of the decoration has a very important influence on the later decoration and matching, and the lighting should also be matched with the living environment.

Three-dimensional matching of lighting and space.
The round ceiling, chandeliers, and dining table, when these round shapes are matched together, form a three-dimensional echo, giving people a very novel feeling.

What lights to choose in each area of ​​the home?
Living room
The lights in the living room should be high enough and bright enough to spread the lights throughout the living room. Small spotlights and chandeliers can be installed in the hallway to improve the effect of poor lighting.

The lighting in the bedroom should be as soft as possible to make the bedroom more warm and comfortable, and it is also conducive to family rest and relaxation.

The kitchen should use cool-white light. Kitchen island lights and hanging lights are more suitable. They should be installed on the dining table or workbench to provide sufficient light.

The bathroom should use bright and soft light, and the lamps should be moisture-proof, preferably plastic or glass. Vanity lights are a good choice.